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Guest Speaker : Rev. Daniel Kallee, Nou La Pou Ou

On the 10th of April 2014 Rev Daniek Kallee came to speak about a non profit, non governmental charitable organization called Nou La Pour Ou,  whose vision is defined as:

“All groups of society and vulnerable individuals/groups have access to basic physical humanitarian needs and basic mental/emotional and social sustenance”


Nou La Pou Ou activities are divided into 7 main sectors:

  1. The vulnerable mothers and vulnerable fathers
  2. Homeless/destitute
  3. The Hungry
  4. Neglected Children
  5. Emotional/behavioral/mental problems
  6. The elderly


The members of the club could not believe that in our little shiny Seychelles, blessed by Mother Nature, some human beings were so much in poverty. The members were deeply moved and there is a consensus among us  that our club will assist the organization Nou La Pou Ou.


 Thank you to Rev. Daniel Kallee and his team to have spent time with our members.








On that meeting, we had  the pleasure to have a visitor Rotarian Jean Michel and his wife from Saverne, North East part of France, and we exchanged clubs’ banners.





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